The J.TEST, TEST OF PRACTICAL JAPANESE has been in place since 1991 as a test to objectively measure the Japanese language proficiency of foreigners. Approximately 70,000 people, including office workers, international students, and Japanese language school students, take the exam each year. The exam is held six times a year.

A high level of Japanese language proficiency is required in order to find a job, go on to higher education, or use the Japanese language for practical work. Take the J.TEST Practical Japanese Test to know your current ability and aim for your next goal. Let’s measure your Japanese ability with the J.TEST, TEST OF PRACTICAL JAPANESE.

Phone: 0917 193 1634

2024 Exam Dates:

175th Exam Upcoming

★Open Venue: July 14, 2024 (Sunday)
*Application Period: 05/13/2024 to 06/14/2024

176th Exam

★Open Venue: September 8, 2024 (Sunday)
*Application Period: 07/15/2024 to 08/08/2024

177th Exam

★Open Venue: November 3, 2024 (Sunday)
*Application Period: 09/09/2024 to 10/03/2024

There are 3 types of exams.

“A-C level exam” for advanced students and “DE level exam” for beginners to intermediate students, There is an “FG level exam” for beginners.

The degree of difficulty is the same every time, and there are many chances to take the exam.

The “A-C level exam” and “DE level exam” are held six times a year, and the “FG level exam” twice a year (in Japan). The difficulty level is the same each time, so you can see the progress of your Japanese ability by taking it many times.

Measure "practical" and "practical" Japanese proficiency.

The listening comprehension test is heavily weighted, and many “live expressions” are asked. It is also characterized by “descriptive questions” that are not found in other exams, such as questions on how to read kanji and writing short sentences. (The “FG level exam” is all multiple-choice questions.) J.TEST evaluates practical ability.

It is possible to measure Japanese proficiency up to N1 or higher in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

The “A-C level test” measures advanced communication skills of Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1 or higher.

Issuance of certificate (except occasional examination).

A certificate will be issued to those who achieve a certain number of points. All applicants will be sent a score report and reference materials.

Abundant downloadable materials.

After the test, you can download the audio of the listening comprehension test and “correct answers and scripts” from the J.TEST website. Please use it for review after the exam. Also, on the J.TEST website, practice questions and reading comprehension questions are posted every month. Please use it for your study.