About J.TEST

Q1: What kind of exam is J.TEST? What are the features of J.TEST?

The J.TEST Practical Japanese Test is a test that objectively measures the Japanese ability of foreigners. You can check the details from the following URL. https://j-test.jp/newjtest

Q2: Who can take the exam?

Anyone who is a junior high school student or older and whose native language is not Japanese can take the exam. Japan nationals are also welcome.

Q3: How many times a year?

It is held 6 times a year (January, March, May, July, September, and November).
Detailed exam dates can be found at the following URL: https://j-test.jp/newjtest/schedule

Q4: Are J.TEST grades proof of Japanese ability when entering a university or vocational school?

Japan used by many schools in the country. You can find out which schools are using J.TEST results as certificates from the following URL: https://j-test.jp/gakkou

The conditions and standards differ depending on the school, so be sure to contact the school you want to take the exam to check directly.

About the level

Q5: What are the levels of J.TEST?

There is an “A-C Level Exam” for advanced players, a “D-E Level Exam” for beginners ~ intermediates, and an “F-G Level Exam” for beginners.

Q6: I would like to know how J.TEST and JLPT levels correspond to CEFRs.

You can find more information from the following URL: https://j-test.jp/cefr-jtest

Q7: How do I decide which level to take?

Please refer to the certification guidelines. You can check the certification guidelines from the following URL: https://j-test.jp/cefr-jtest

Exam questions

Q8: What kind of problems do you have?

You can check the content of questions by level from the following URL: https://j-test.jp/newjtest

Q9: Are there any descriptive problems? Are all questions selective?

The A-C and D-E levels are written questions on how to read kanji and short sentences.
Everything else is selective. The F-G level has no descriptive problems. All are selective.

Test Date and Venue

Q10: When is the exam date for this year’s Open Exam?

Please check the latest information on the test schedule from the URL below.

For the level and number of examinations conducted overseas, please check the website of each overseas office https://j-test.jp/office1

Q11: Where is the test site?

Depending on the month and level of the exam, the test location will vary.
Most of time we conduct in Makati and BGC and plan to expand nationwide soon.

Please check the website of each overseas office for test sites that will be conducted overseas. https://j-test.jp/office1

Q12: I would like to know more information about the test center.

We will send you a map of the venue along with your examination ticket.
Please wait for the examination ticket to arrive.

How to study for the exam

Q13: Do you have a collection of J.TEST questions?

Every year, we publish a collection of exam questions compiled from the past year.
You can place an order from the following URL: https://j-test.jp/newjtest/exams

Q14: Can I practice J.TEST?

The J.TEST homepage provides monthly sample questions and exercises.
Please take advantage of it.

Sample Question: https://j-test.jp/newj-sample
J.TEST Exercises: https://j-test.jp/page_id2066


Q15: How do I apply?

Individual and group applications (10 or more people) are available.
Please apply from the Grouped Application Form

Q16: I made a transfer from Internet banking, so I don’t have a transfer statement.

Please apply for a screenshot of the screen showing the transfer requester and transfer destination as a substitute for the transfer statement.

Q17: I made a mistake in the name of the transferee on the bank transfer statement.

Write the correct name by hand in the margin of the transfer statement.

Q18: Can I transfer the examination fees for multiple people at once?

I can. In the margin of the transfer statement, write the names of all examinees.

Q19: I made a mistake in the transfer amount.

If it is not enough, please transfer the shortfall additionally. Please send a photo of the additional transfer statement as an attachment in the form of a reply to the automatic reply email after application.

Q20: I made two wrong transfers.

Please send photos or screenshots of the two statements as attachments in the form of replies to the automatic reply email after application. We will contact you after confirmation. When applying, please use one of them.