J.TEST Philippines

February 1, 2024

Aspiring Japanese Language Learners!

Thinking of enrolling in a Japanese language educational institution? 📚 Look no further than J.TEST – certified by the Japanese government’s Immigration Service Agency!

🏆 J.TEST is officially recognized for those considering pursuing Japanese language education. Check out the certification details here: https://www.moj.go.jp/isa/publications/materials/nyuukokukanri07_00159.html?hl=en
Link to the Immigration Service Agency’s official page

To meet the eligibility criteria:
✅ Achieve grade F or higher in the J.TEST Practical Japanese Proficiency Test by the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Association/J.TEST Secretariat.
✅ Alternatively, secure a score of 250 or more on the FG level exam.

Ready to embark on your Japanese language journey? 🌐 Explore the possibilities with J.TEST! 🚀 #JapaneseLanguage #JTEST #LanguageProficiency #LearnJapanese